Recital Date

Saturday, June 13th 2020

The rehearsal is MANDANTORY for all dancers participating in the recital. It is also a full dress rehearsal. 

The recital is at the LSU Union Theater.

Recital Costumes    
Costumes are $60.00 for small and medium children sizes, $75.00 for large child - X-large adult. XX-large costumes must add $15. Pre-Ballet I & II has two costumes, BI - advance combo classes have three costumes. If you take extra classes you may have extra costumes. Costume money is due by November 1st.

Recital Fee
The  recital fee is $110.00 for your first dancer, $40.00 for your second dancer and $25 for each additional dancer. Each paid recital fee receives four tickets (per family) to the recital, one program book ticket per dancer, plus a recital t-shirt per dancer. Recital fee is due March 1st. 

*All accounts must be paid in full to receive your recital & program book tickets.*

Recital Extras

Pictures - Pictures of the students will be taken at the studio in March.            
Videos - Dvds of the recital will be available to be purchased.            
Program Book ads - All ads for the recital book must be purchased by the second week in April.                                                    
Awards - Recital awards are given out for odd years of participating in the recital. These are given out at awards night in May.